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An Evening W/Kylian/Walerski
Rating:  NR
Runtime:  145 Minutes
Starting Date:  Sunday, November 25, 2012
Director:  New creation - Choreographer : MEDHI WALERSKI
Cast:  Choreographers Medhi Walerski, Johan Inger, and Jirí Kylián

Event Details:  Recorded November 2012



For more than ten years choreographer Medhi Walerski has been a leading dancer at NDT and in 2008 he made his debut as a choreographer. It was such a success that the Frenchman was invited repeatedly to create ballets, for NDT and others. For his new ballet he works specially with English composer Joby Talbot, who has also worked with The Royal Ballet in London. With Stravinsky’s Le sacre du printemps as starting point, the two young artists inspire each other. Each from his own discipline.


Johan Inger was an important dancer at NDT until 2002. It did not take long for Jirí Kylián, artistic
director at the time, to notice that he also had choreographic talent. Inger made his debut as a
dancemaker in 1995 with the successful Mellantid, which won several awards. Since his debut, Inger has
created choreographies for NDT and other companies. Currently he is an associate choreographer at NDT.
His most recent ballet was the very successful I new then (February 2012) where Inger manifests his
inventive and colourful side.


Sweet Dreams (1990) looks more like the result of a nightmare than that of a peaceful dream. But those
that have seen this ‘masterpiece with the apples’ will never forget it. In this ballet Kylián takes an ironic
look at the complex world of the human sub-conscience. Surrealistic, often erotic and impressive
throughout. He was inspired by ‘Laterna Magika’ from Prague and the music of Webern. NDT is the only
company in the world that has this extraordinary piece on its repertoire.


In Sarabande (1990) Kylián shows his sense of humour as well as his - erupting quite suddenly at times in
this piece- aggression. With six dancers on stage, it is bursting with male energy. The choreography also
clearly shows how important music is to Kylián. The beautiful violin sounds by Bach surround a much
rawer piece where the dancers use their voices forcefully. Sarabande is so inventive and rich in visual
effects that it leaves plenty of room for your own interpretation.
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