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La Cenerentola-Shot Live
Rating:  NR
Runtime:  145 minutes
Starting Date:  Friday, November 16, 2012
Director:  Director Carlo Verdone
Cast:  Cenerentola Lena Belkina Don Ramiro Edgardo Rocha Tisbe Annunziata Vestri

Event Details:  Recorded Live June 2012



Cenerentola (Cinderella) is forced to work in the run-down house of her evil stepfather, Don
Magnifico. When a beggar comes to the door, Cenerentola’s mean stepsisters reject him, but Cenerentola
shows him kindness. Prince Ramiro arrives, disguised as his own valet, so that he might observe the
ladies. He sees that Cenerentola is truly kind, while her sisters fawn over his valet Dandini (who is
disguised as the Prince). After they depart, Alindoro arrives in disguise and offers to accompany
Cenerentola to the ball. At the palace, Dandini (still assuming the guise of the Prince) tells Ramiro that the
stepsisters are cruel, and they prove it when they are rude to the disguised Ramiro. A veiled Cenerentola
arrives with much fanfare.


Magnifico is concerned that the mysterious beauty will wreck his daughters’ chance with the
prince. Dandini declares his love for Cenerentola, but she politely declines and says that she loves the
valet. Ramiro emerges and returns her love. Cenerentola gives him a bracelet and says, “if you really love
me, you’ll find my by this bracelet,” and inexplicably vanishes. Encouraged by Alindoro, Ramiro starts his
hunt for Cenerentola. Back at Magnifico’s house, Cenerentola is dressed in rags again. Dandini and
Ramiro arrive. Ramiro recognizes Cenerentola from the bracelet, and they are reunited. After Cenerentola
assumes her princessly role, she forgives her cruel family and all is well.
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