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Lohengrin: La Scala
Rating:  NR
Runtime:  259 Minutes
Starting Date:  Sunday, January 20, 2013
Director:  Claus Guth
Cast:  René Pape, Jonas Kaufmann, Annette Dasch

Event Details:  synopsis

In 10th century Antwerp, Elsa von Brabant stands accused
by Count Telramund of murdering her young brother
Gottfried in order to become Duchess. Telramund, the late
child-Duke’s guardian, asks King Heinrich der Vogler to
name him Duke. Unable to decide, the King defers to God’s
judgment through ordeal by combat between Telramund
and Elsa’s defender. When asked who will be her champion,
she describes a knight she has dreamt of. A boat, drawn
by a swan, appears bearing the Knight, who agrees to be
Elsa’s champion on condition that she never ask his name
or origins. The battle ensues; the Knight wins but spares
Telramund’s life. Elsa is declared innocent, and the King
grants the Knight Elsa’s hand in marriage.
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