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Don Carlo: La Scala
Rating:  NR
Runtime:  202 Minutes
Starting Date:  Sunday, February 10, 2013
Director:  Conductor Daniele Gatti
Cast:  Philip II Ferruccio Furlanetto; Don Carlo Stuart Neill; Rodrigo Dalibor Jenis

Event Details:  From Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy

A rich, nuanced score and a complex, emotional story: Don Carlo is Verdi’s ultimate drama. This production, captured-live at opening night of La Scala, stars opera greats Ferruccio Furlanetto, Stuart Neill, Fiorenza Cedolins, and Dolora Zajick.

The opera in 4 Acts

Act 1: 72 minutes (intermission #1)
Act 2: 39 minutes(intermission #2)
Act 3: 40 minutes + 20 minutes
Act 4: 31 minutes
Total running time: 202 minutes plus two intermissions

Act I
Scene 1: The monastery of Saint-Just in Spain: While monks pray for the soul of the Emperor Charles V, his grandson Don Carlo laments that the woman he loves, Elisabeth, is now married to his father. Carlo's friend, the Marquis of Posa, enters. He has come from the oppressed land of Flanders and wants Don Carlo’s help. Meanwhile, King Philip and his new wife, enter to do homage at Charles V's tomb.

Scene 2: A garden near Saint-Just: Princess Eboli sings about a Moorish King and his neglected wife. Posa delivers a secret note to Elisabeth from Don Carlo; Meanwhile, Eboli is hopeful that it is she that Carlo loves. Elisabeth resists Carlo’s declaration because they are now mother and son. Meanwhile, the King places him trust in Posa.

Act II
Scene 1: the Queen's garden: Don Carlo has a note suggesting a meeting in the garden, which he thinks is from Elisabeth, but is actually from Eboli, to whom he mistakenly declares his love. Eboli realizes Carlo thinks she is the Queen; Carlo is horrified that she knows his secret. Eboli threatens to tell the King that Elisabeth and Carlo are lovers. Carlo prevents Posa from stabbing her, and Posa and Carlo reaffirm their friendship.

Scene 2: The Cathedral of Valladolid: The people rejoice at the coming coronation of the King and Queen. Don Carlo brings in Flemish deputies, who plead with the King for their country's freedom. The King, supported by the monks, orders the deputies' arrest. Carlo draws his sword against the King, but Posa persuades Carlo to surrender.

Scene 1: King Philip's study: Alone, the King laments his situation. The Grand Inquisitor arrives. The King realizes that he is powerless against the Church. When Elisabeth enters, Philip accuses her of adultery. Eboli confesses that she loved Carlo and he rejected her, but, worse, she has also been the mistress of the King. She resolves to repent and to try to save Carlo from the Inquisition.

Scene 2: A prison: Don Carlo is imprisoned. Posa tells him he will be saved but that Posa himself was incriminated. He is content to die if his friend can save Flanders and rule a happier Spain. Elisabeth, Eboli and the Grand Inquisitor arrive, while a crowd demands Carlo’s release and threatens the King. In the chaos, Eboli escapes with Carlo.

Act IV
The monastery of Saint-Just: Elisabeth is committed to help Don Carlo on his way to fulfill his destiny in Flanders, but she herself longs only for death. Carlo appears and they say a final farewell. Philip and the Grand Inquisitor enter: Carlo, calling on God, draws his sword to defend himself against the Inquisitor's guards, when, from the tomb of Charles V, the Monk emerges to lead Carlo away into the safety of the monastery. Philip and the Inquisitor are convinced that it is Charles V himself.
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