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Notre-Dame De Paris-Royalopera
Rating:  NR
Runtime:  120 Minutes
Starting Date:  Sunday, March 10, 2013
Director:  Choreography Roland Petit
Cast:  Roberto Bolle; Natalia Osipova

Event Details:  Single Seats $15.00
Groups of 10 or more $12.50

Performed February 14, 2013.

Act I

The fools' festival, Paris 1482

Citizens and peasants have gathered to celebrate the festival of fools in the square enclosed by the Notre-
Dame, the Louvre, and the the Châtelet. All enter a contest for the person who pulls the funniest faces
and best acts in which the winning buffoon will be crowned the "Fools' pope". Quasimodo, the crippled
hunchback bell-ringer of Notre-Dame, appears and the crowd proclaims him the "Fools' pope" in cruel
mockery. The poor cripple, who is confusedly happy to receive this derisive title, is dragged along in a

Claude Frollo, archdeacon of Notre-Dame, is torn between his obsessive love for a beautiful gypsy girl
named Esmeralda, and the rules of the Church. He orders Quasimodo to kidnap her and bring her to him.
Quasimodo searches for Esmeralda all over Paris, yet she escapes him with the aid of the handsome Captain Phoebus. In the meantime, Quasimodo is caught and led off to the pillory by Phoebus’ archers, who beat him up while others look on with amusement. Esmeralda, seeing him suffer, offers him water to drink. Her kindness and compassion captures his heart and he falls in love with Esmeralda.

The young lovers Phoebus and Esmeralda are enjoying themselves in a local tavern. Meanwhile, Frollo is hiding in the shadows, seething with jealousy, as he watches the amorous couple. He stabs Phoebus in a fit of rage, attempting to kill him. Esmeralda is charged with the attempted murder of Phoebus and is dragged off by the horse guards to the gallows.

Quasimodo suddenly appears and frees Esmeralda, taking her into the cathedral, where she can benefit from the right to sanctuary.

Act II
The Notre-Dame bell-tower.

Esmeralda appears and tenderly displays her gratitude to the bell-ringer. Though ashamed of his deformed figure, Quasimodo takes the girl's hand and shows her his refuge. Esmeralda peacefully falls asleep, and Quasimodo, thinking she is safe, goes off. Taking advantage of Quasimodo's absence, Frollo enters and begins to torment Esmeralda, who rejects his embraces with disgust.

Frollo informs a soldier that an edict of Parliament revokes the right to sanctuary, and the soldiers burst into the cathedral followed by the crowd. Quasimodo watches powerless as the soldiers rush past him. He attempts to halt them by pouring molten lead on them, but in vain. He is forced to surrender and Esmeralda is captured.

In despair for his lovely gypsy girl, Quasimodo at last understands Frollo’s evil power. He flings himself on the archdeacon and strangles him. The body of the odious priest rolls onto the steps of the gallows, while Quasimodo slowly takes possession of the corpse of the girl he had loved.
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