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Ovation Cinema Grill

Ovation Cinema Grill

Ovation Cinema Grill is an innovative full-service cinematic dining experience that brings the convenience of dinner and a movie to every oversized luxury seat. We offer an extensive restaurant menu, full bar, and seat-side service to produce a truly unique combination of exceptional dining, service and movies. Our menu features more than 100 premium food and beverage selections. 

Dinner with your movie? This is the entertainment ticket you've been looking for!

Ovation Cinema Grill 12 - Athens, GA   MENU • SHOWTIMES

Ovation Cinema Grill 11 - Lawrenceville, GA SHOWTIMES

Ovation Cinema Grill 9 - Holly Springs, NC MENU • SHOWTIMES

Ovation Cinema Grill 10 - Bloomington, IL  MENU • SHOWTIMES

Ovation Cinema Grill 10 - Midlothian, VA  MENU • SHOWTIMES

Town Center 13 - Manhattan, KS - featuring 5 auditoriums with the Ovation Cinema Grill experience • SHOWTIMES


Anderson Township, OH