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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are “life points”?
A: Your “life points” are the total number of points you have accumulated on your rewards card.

Q: I am missing points, how can they be added to my account?
A: Contact customer service by emailing rewards@carmike.com. In the comments area please describe what points you are missing with the date, reward card number and any ticket stub or receipt information you may have, and a representative will contact you about adding your points.

Q: I was a few points away from receiving my coupon, but when I went to the theater today it did not print.
A: With our rewards program a coupon is not created until you have surpassed your reward level. Once you have surpassed the point requirement, a coupon will be ready for you at your next visit or you can print the coupon out online.

Q: I need to change my membership information, where can I do this?
A: You can change all your information in the “My Account” tab on the Carmike Rewards website.

Q: I have not received any coupons and I have surpassed the reward level.
A: Available coupons will be listed in the “Coupons” tab on the Carmike Rewards website. If there are no coupons listed please contact customer service at rewards@carmike.com